Taking photos with IPhone 4S

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Hi: My name is Nancy and I am a new totally blind IPhone 4S user. I bought my phone 3 days ago and I am having fun learning how all of the applications work. I have a question regarding photos. I would like to know what the photo is after I take it. Is there a way to label a photo (i.e mom, guide dog, niece etc).? Thanks for your help. Nancy



Submitted by Bahzad on Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Congratulations on your new iPhone, Nancy. A similar post to this one was submitted in the past, which included a comment that had a link to the LookTel website. This page, according to the poster, details the directions for labeling photos in IOS 5. The URL is: http://www.looktel.com/blog/managing-your-photos-in-ios-5 I hope you find this useful. Good luck.