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hello all.
i use iphone 6 and the last version of itunes for windows 64 bit p c. i downloaded a few songs to my p c and i want to sync them to my iphone without having to sync the whole librarry again. what should i do to chose them and sync them manually?
please i will apreciate your help i feel lost. if the instructions to do that are too long to post, i'll be happy to know where can i find a guide with answers.
thanks a lot



Submitted by peter on Thursday, September 3, 2015

On my PC there is a folder within the My Music folder with the name "Automatically Add to iTunes".

If you plug your iOS device into your PC, iTunes will pop up and run. Now, if you want to put albums or songs onto your iOS device, just copy them using Windows Explorer into that folder and they will be transferred to your iOS device.

Note: Copy **Do Not Move** albums to that folder. Anything you put in that folder will disappear from that folder after it has been successfully transferred to your iOS device. Thus, if you move items there, they might be lost on your PC.

Hope that helps.


Submitted by tal lederman on Thursday, September 3, 2015

well it's not working for me. i found the folder automatically add to itunes and put there the songs i wanted to transfer to my iphone. i've waited but they are still in the folder and didn't disappear so i guess they didn't move on to my iphone. maybe i should change something in settings to let this option work?

Submitted by tal lederman on Thursday, September 3, 2015

when i pressed the sync button it put all the files in a new folder which was name music outside automatically add to itunes but it didn't transfer them to my iphone. if i check the option sync music it says erase and sync which i don't want because i only want to add the new songs without having to sync all over again. i tried reset sync history and checked sync manually and try again. but the result was the same it put the files outside the folder in a differnt folder called music without syncing them to my iphone.
thanks a million.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hello Tal:

As a fellow music lover, I have used the sync feature extensively. Here are the steps that I use:

1. Add the music to the Automatically Sync to iTunes folder as another poster said here.

2. If you are using Apple Music, then you must turn this off, both on the PC and the iPhone in order to make the options needed become available.

3. Plug your device into the PC.

4. From the treeview portion of the iTunes program on the PC, where it shows the different options like music, videos, etc., do a shift tab until you find the iPhone icon. Note: You must allow iTunes a little bit of time before the icon shows up because it has to start the sync process first.

Once you have found the iPhone icon, press enter on it to highlight your iPhone in iTunes.

5. Then tab forward again back to the treeview, where you first seen the music, Videos, etc., and arrow down until you see Music and press the spacebar to highlight. This is now looking at the music on the Phone and not iTunes.

6. Then tab forward until you find the Sync Music Manually check box. Press spacebar to checkthis box.

7. Tab forward until you find the listviews for Playlists, Artists, etc. check the choices you wish to be added to your Phone.

8. Finally, tab forward until you find the Apply button and press spacebar. This will restart the sync process and your music should be placed on the phone when finished.

9. Don't forget to turn on Apple Music again both in your phone and iTunes after the sync is complete.

Note: These keystrokes are based on use of a Windows PC and JAWS. If you are using other combinations than this one, perhaps another person on this forum may help with the right keystrokes to accomplish your task.


Submitted by Syd on Thursday, September 3, 2015

if you're not checking the erase and sinc box it won't sinc at all. You will have to resinc all music to add anything new that's just how iTunes works. The steps on the comment above are exactly what I do too so you can't not check that box. If it's saying erase and sinc it sounds like you've been sincing with a different computer? If not the music you have on your computer will sinc back across. Perform a ful backup from your iPhone to iTunes before you try sincing. If there are items on the iPhone that aren't on the computer iTunes will ask you if you want to copy those across. If you press yes they will then be on your computer so you can put whatever copies across from phone to computer back in the automatically add to iTunes folder then you can safely press erase and sinc and you won't lose anything for good. Hope that makes sense.

Submitted by tal lederman on Friday, September 11, 2015

thanks for your help. actually i never turned apple music on does it happen automatically? and how do i turn it off?