a suggestion for the site.: only showing new comments on forum posts, blog posts and apps

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Hello to all. Is it possible to add a way to show only new comments? I like seeing them all at times, how ever I'm someone who loves to see only new ones and hide the older ones so my brain and the page does not get cluttered. Can this maybe be a filter so those that don't want this behavior can see it in the default way, also maybe can this apply to app and forum submitions and blog comments, that is, can this filter be global? Thoughts?



Submitted by Clare Page on Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hi! I can totally understand the wish just to see new comments when they are posted, especially for a blog post or forum post or app directory entry which generates a huge amount of comments, but I personally think this should be optional. I sometimes discover an app directory entry or forum thread quite a while after it's started, in which case I want to see all the comments, but there are also times when I just want to see new ones; The latter is already possible now, by going to the bottom of the page and going backwards through headings to find comments I haven't read, but it makes sense to have the other option as well, just showing new comments I mean, if that's possible.

When you are logged in, it always tells you how many messages in a thread are new and gives you an option to view only those. Therefore, what you are asking is already possible. I don't see how you could do this without logging in, because it assumes that if you are a visitor to the site, you will not have seen any of the information in the threads before.