Strange problem with compilation album in iTunes

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Sorry if I've posted about a similar thing to this before, but for some reason, one of my compilation albums has suddenly been split into two separate albums in my iTunes library.

The album shows up twice, one of them has most of the tracks, then the second one has about 5 of the tracks that the first one doesn't.
I know it's nothing to do with one of them being disk one and the other being disk 2, because I've had that album for ages and it wasn't like that. Also it's not like one of them is missing the last 5 tracks of the album, they've gone in a very random order. It seems to be the new iTunes cloud library that's caused it.

I've tried removing both versions of the album and redownloading it, and I've tried turning off iTunes cloud library as I didn't want all my songs on the cloud anyway, but nothing has worked. I've checked the file details on the get info section on iTunes and nothing has changed there. It has also gone like this on my iPod Nano as well.

Anyone know why this might have happened and how I could sort it? It's not a big deal I'll probably get used to it, it's just a bit strange.




Submitted by dvdmth on Sunday, September 6, 2015

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Check the Album tag of each track and make sure it's the same.

Check the Album Artist tag for each track and make sure it's the same. If it's a compilation of multiple artists, this should be set to Various Artists.

There is a check box that says that the album is a acompilation. Make sure it is set the same way, most likely checked, for all tracks.

Finally, check the Sorting tab and make sure the Sort As field is the same for both the album and album artist tags.

You can select all tracks at the same time and select Get Info, and if the tags are not set consistently, the tag will be reported as Mixed. This should make it easier to find where the problem is. And yes, tracks downloaded from the iTunes store can have inconsistent tags; I've had that happen myself.