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Apple has released the new phone. Time couldn't speed up enough for me, to watch the event yesterday. As i began to see the new features, the taller screen, the better performance of the camera, the new microphone, there was a split second of want that crossed my mind. However i'm here to explain why I do not, want the newest phone. First of all, my experiences at the same apple store for two different products have soured me. The first was getting my Mac repaired, while having Apple Care. Upon bringing it in, I was told by an unsympathetic, employee who was only out for a sale, We don't cover liquid damage, therefore either spend to fix it, or buy a new one. My fault for not knowing about no liquid damage, I take responsibility for that. I was left with little recourse but to spend funds I did not have an abundance of, to replace the computer. The second experience I had envolved a phone which was replaced twice within the warranty period. First time, the speaker wasn't acting right, replaced not in the same apple store and service couldn't have been more helpful, and understanding. The second replacement came when the motor began to malfunction seemingly out of nowhere. Again, the gentleman couldn't have been nicer, explaining that it wasn't me, he could fix it, and did so. Let me explain that he did not replace that phone but gave it back fixed. This last experience is really where my venom lies. Callers begin not to hear me, and family emergencies dictated I have a working phone immediately if not sooner. While in the same store which is my closest Apple retailer, I was treated as though I was not believed, rudely, and above all like I was wasting the man's time. He was not about to replace the phone without payment for it as it was out of warranty, something I didn't know. Then I was given some poorly worded comments about Voice over and how he "hated" it and it "drove him nuts." I now have a working phone. Based on the situations above, and the fact I have spend money on a new computer, and a new phone with little sympathy and little willingness to work with me, I ask the masses this question. Is Apple deserving of the upgraded price of the newest,best oh look it's shiny and better, phone? I say, it is not. I fail to understand any difference my miniscul dollars will make to such a giant company such as this. Should i choose to upgrade when it comes, in two months, who's to say I'll be happy? Who's to say it won't "Brick" like it has on two previous occasions? Until there is a valid argument to my upgrading, and my moneys being useful other then to pad pockets, I will stick with the four. Please note this is not an I hate apple, post. Simply my unwillingness to support the newest product for the current time period.



Submitted by patrick kelly on Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hi, It is your responsibility to read what is covered when you purchase anything, whether it be from apple or Dell. Unless you have the ensurance coverage from your cell provider, liquid damage or anything similar to that is considered carelessness and is therefore not covered. Second, Apple does not get commissions on sales. You probably jus got a salesman having a bad day. All I'm saying is regardless if it's Apple or any other company, you need to know things such as how long your covered for malfunctions and also what is not covered. If you're out of that period, tough luck. Apple or any other company is not responsible, you are.

Submitted by Siobhan on Thursday, September 13, 2012

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What part of my previous comment was unclear I ask? I was perfectly willing to accept responsibility for my own faults, it does not change the fact that the new iPhone i am unwilling to buy. Yes, I do also acknowledge that Apple does not receive commissions on its sales. Why though, should i support a company wherein I am simply a nameless face? The simple answer, from my standpoint is that I choose not too. I have apple products, but lessons learned now I will be unwilling to keep supporting a company I am dissatisfied in. Maybe I'll get the six or something but as I said earlier, I shall stick with what I have. Thanks for your comment.

The law that requires everyone country to upgrade their iPhone hasn't been passed yet - not in the UK anyway! So you can relax and keep using the phone you are happy with. Quite how your experiences of Apple customer care adds to any decision the rest of us may be making escapes me at present. I personally will be treating myself to the iPhone 5 as soon as it is available. Because I can, because I want to and because I can afford to. do I need it? Of course not! but I am a consumer and Apple are a consumer electronics company. I agree about Apple Care, it's gargage for iPhone users, the biggest thing people do is break the front or the bak and it dosen'doesn't cover either. I just keep the money and hope not to have to pay the £140 to have the front replaced to often. JT

That wasn't supposed to rhyme like that, haha. Seriously though, I wasn't saying that everyone must upgrade, I mean that some of us might just wait to see if they really want the new phone, that's me. Hey if you can aford it, want it or can't aford it and get it anyway, good luck to you. I was but one simple person, stating one simple opinion. Thanks for the comment.

Submitted by Sarah on Friday, September 14, 2012

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Let's remember a couple of things you didn't mention in your little rant. First, every policy is going to have loopholes to safeguard a company from having to repair products. Also, if I had a bad experience at one store, and a positive experience at a 2nd store, then I would most likely, as much as possible, return to the store where I had a positive experience. You also must remember that sometimes people's hands are tied, they are stressed, and you are not the only costumer they see. Before you say you won't upgrade, remember that will keep you from being able to use Siri, turn-by-turn directions, and other new features. Just never say never.

Submitted by Scottsdale on Saturday, September 15, 2012

Setting the "to upgrade or not to upgrade" question and loopholes aside for a second, this still sounds like pretty poor customer service to me. There's a big difference between not being able to help and not being helpful. As someone who's worked in a customer facing role, I remember a key part of that job was to remain the latter as much as I could, even when the former was throwing a roadblock in the way of giving the customer what they came for. There's also a big difference between having the facts explained to you by someone who's pushed for time and being made to feel like you're wasting their time by being there. Of course people get overworked, have off days etc, but again, they're being paid to represent, and as much as is possible their bad day shouldn't become Apple's bad day. To be honest, whilst I've noticed differences from store to store, I can't say I've been treated badly by Apple yet, but consistently good experiences in one store and the flipside of that in another doesn't sound like something that should be shrugged off, especially if it's your local store and your first point of contact. If there is a next time and this turns out not to be coincidence, the manager who supervises the people on the shop floor should know about it. To avoid making a scene in store, you could perhaps email or call them while the details are still fresh. No point in going in all guns blazing or demanding compensation, but being factual and letting whoever is in charge know that you've left that store unsatisfied three times can't do any harm. For what it's worth, I'm probably upgrading, although to be honest I'm not quite sure why yet. Saw the preorders go live in the UK and resisted the gut reaction to spring for it, but within hours I started wondering whether all that did was prove that I'm still enough of a sucker to queue for hours on release day anyway. Ah well, been a while since I last went camping on concrete lol!

Submitted by Neo on Saturday, September 15, 2012

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I'm in the UK and when you buy the Iphone, you get a 1 year manufacturers warranty. I was reading though that under EU law you get 2 years protection when you buy a product. Has anyone tried using the EU law to get their Iphone fixed if they've had to get a Iphone repaired over the 1 year limit but under 2 years?

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