Some Apps Won't Update?

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iPhone 4S on iOS 7, some of my apps won't update. When I click the update thing, it just opens the app. Most are games I can do without but one is Audio Note which I rely on a lot. Audio Note says some features won't work unless I install the new iOS which I do not want. Still too buggy for me and some of the bugs others have reported, are things I would not want to deal with.

Also, if I do not update to iOS 8.1, and later a newer iOS is released, that works better, if I have downloaded each new iOS to my computer but not to my phone, would I be able to go ahead and get say iOS 9 later? Or to do that will I have to install iOS 8 first?



Submitted by Jessica Brown on Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi. You could stay on iOS 7 till iOS 9 came out, then update to iOS 9 without installing iOS 8 first if the 4s supports it. As a matter of fact, once iOS 9 is out, apple will not let you install iOS 8 unless iOS 9 dropps support for the 4s. Then 8 will be all you can install.

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi again. Some app updates require iOS 8 for the newer versions of the apps to run. Because your device is on iOS 7, it will not update apps if the updates require iOS 8. Your device will stay on the older versions of the apps that can run on iOS 7.

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