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I understand that some people like listening to podcasts regardless of if they are professional quality or not if it means they can learn something and some people only like listening to professional quality podcasts even if that means missing out on some topics. That's fine. everyone has there own opinions and preferences. I believe everyone should be allowed to make and post podcasts. There are several reasons why some people may not be able to produce professional quality podcasts. Some of these reasons include speech impairments and not having access to professional podcasting hardware and software due to lack of funds. However, people may still have some mics, equipment and software that they can use even if it is not the best. People try as hard as they can and that's what counts. If some people don't want to listen they don't have to. There will always be people who do want to listen and for them podcasts from everyone who makes them should be continued to be made available. I also understand that the Applevis editorial teem have reasons why they closed podcast submissions and that they don't want to clearly explain why. There could be several reasons why podcast submissions were closed including the teem only want podcasts from them being posted from here on in, they no longer have the time to review all submitted podcasts, they are running out of storage space for podcasts and any number of other reasons. I believe I have come up with a compromise that will make everyone happy. We keep the original podcast section of the site the way the teem made it. People who only want the professional quality podcasts can go there. Then, the editorial teem makes a shared podcast section on Applevis and sets it up in a way that the teem is not responsible for the quality or hosting of the podcasts. This new shared section would work like this. Users who have a podcast they want to share with the Applevis community would post a title, description and link to there podcast. This link could be for dropbox, google drive, 1 drive, sendspace or whatever the poster likes using. Then people outside the editorial teem who wish to continue posting and listening to maybe not the best sounding but still informative podcasts can go to that new shared section. This would give Applevis community members the ability to share podcasts with other Applevis community members but would ease the strain on teem members by moving the hosting of user submitted podcasts off of the site and making the podcasts not affiliated with Applevis so any imperfections in the podcasts would not be Applevis's fault. Teem members and non teem members pleas post in the comments what you think. Thank you for reading.



Submitted by Matt C on Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello Applevis team.
Is there a way that this could happen at some point? I really think that this would be a great way to bring back community submitted podcasts, without you having to do much work at all to support that.
Thanks for reading,
Matt C @eyelessmac

Submitted by peter on Monday, January 18, 2016

If anyone can sign up to add content to the proposed secondary podcast area, that leaves it open to spammers and folks putting up content that either might not be appropriate or that the AppleVis team may not desire to see there for one reason or another.

I don't think the AppleVis team would like to have material on their sight that is unvetted and open to anyone for any reason.

Perhaps a secondary editorial team could vet material before it is posted and not be too stringent about the quality. But then I'm thinking they'll probably get into some of the same issues that the editorial team is trying not to talk about now as people stray into gray areas.

Not an easy problem to solve. I can understand why the editorial staff wants to gate material that goes up on the site under their names and reputation, and I can also understand why people want more open access.

fortunately there are many options these days for posting material - Maybe it doesn't all have to reside on the AppleVis site.

Relaxing the AppleVis rules about posting links to outside material could go a long way to resolving both intrests.


Submitted by Jessica Brown on Monday, January 18, 2016

People would not be able to submit spam podcast because people need to be logged into their accounts in order to post content. Not anybody can just come in here and post. Maybe there could be a thing where accounts who have posted worthy content in the past would be excepted and new accounts would not be Excepted until after a probation period or something. Also, the podcasts would not be on the site as instead of uploading the podcasts to the site there would just be a link to an external source making any content not the fault of Applevis.

Submitted by kool_turk on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I've seen some people link to their own podcast with in a comment of the app entry and they never got taken down.

Why not just do that.

It'll save creating a whole new section.

The only problem I see with this method is people won't be able to find the podcasts as easily.

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In reply to by kool_turk

Podcasts are not all ways on an app. It could be a feature of an apple device demo. A bug work around. An accessory review or any number of other things that don't belong in the app directory.

Submitted by Ekaj on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

These are all good ideas, and I can see this working out somehow. One thing that I didn't mention in my comment to the original thread which generated all this discussion, was that if you're going to submit an app demo or whatever, the information absolutely needs to be correct. At least this is how I feel. I suppose this goes back to the whole editing thing. But I heard at least one audio demo where it seemed as though the person talking didn't quite know what they were doing. I won't name the individual or podcast in question, but it was honestly hard to keep up with this individual. So much so that I never even attempted the feature being demonstrated. So in my mind it's crucial to edit your stuff before submitting it. To the person who talked about speech impairments, I've heard at least one audio walkthrough done by an individual with a speech impairment. He did a great job. This was back when I used NVDA, and I learned a lot from his demo.

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I am one of the persons who love podcasts best; I produced a couple of them some time ago, and was pleased they were approved; but I am part of a team myself, a team producing web content and audio podcasts in my country so, I know how hard it is producing quality content, and if you let whoever post whatever, you lose much in time and quality.
I have both roles: as a user into AppleVis community and a team member into my Italian community. So, I really do not agree with your compromise: the "shared podcasts" section, would produce a confused content folder with lots and lots of low-quality material. "the team is not responsible" may cause that editorial team would not review material so much, or it is edited in a hurry, causing the presence of ahs, uhms, swearwords, low volume, annoying sounds in podcasts, and so on... I'd never listen such things!
Remember that AppleVis community is included into the accessibility resources section of Apple's web site, for this reason, a strict control is needed to guarantee good quality material.
I was planning to produce a podcast myself this year, as I have a brand-new accessory to review and would have recorded a demo, but then, my professional recorder broke up, and then AppleVis decided to close podcasts submission, so, I said, no problems. I have all the time to repair the recorder and then will decide what to do.
I am planning to review the accessory writing about it and then discuss with the team to understand an audio recording is Worth it.