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Hi all, I am a little confused about what I need to do. I just jailbroke my iphone 54 and am atempting to get Siri on it. I was given a source and downloaded acd sire from it but now I need a proxi for it and I don't what it is or where to get it. I have been told from people on Zelllo that I need to install something else as well before I can type in the proxy. Although I don'tt see why because I already have a text field for one in settings under ACD Siri. The source I was given by a friend is one that she has used for two devices and it has worked for her. It is something to do with Spire. the source is: Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much, Holly



Submitted by Shersey on Thursday, June 21, 2012

only work on iOS 5.1. Here is an article detailing how to get Siri on your 5.1.1 install. Install SiriPort 5.1.1-3 On iOS 5.1.1 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [HOW TO] | Remember, you need to change both your root and mobile account passwords after jailbreaking! This is important, as both are ethe exact same thing, and are well-known and you will most-likely be hacked very quickly! This article details how to do so. How To Change the iPhone’s Root Password | iSource I had quite a bit of trouble with both the Mobile Terminal route and the SSH client route. I couldn't get Mobile Terminal to work whatsoever--typing in "passwd" did absolutely nothing--I wasn't even presented with the prompt after opening the app! The only thing stopping me from using WinSCP to change the passwords was the fact that I couldn't figure out how to tell WinSCP that my connection method should be SSH. It just kept failing--I was probably doing something wrong. Either that or that part of the program isn't accessible--though I strongly suspect that it was user error. If you get either of these methods working for you, could you let me know via another poste? I would be interested in how you managed to change the passwords. This is the only thing stopping me from jailbreaking. I want to jailbreak, but I want to be safe even more. I hope this helps, Shersey