Should I update?

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Hi: I am wondering If I should update my IPhone to the newest IOS software now? I have waited before updating because I wanted to read all of the topics and forems on this website on the new software. I have looked and read thehm all and I am still not sure. I get both the pros and cons but from what I see most of the people who post have the 5, 5S or 5C. I have the 4S with 16GBS. I would be interested to know if anyone has any information on how the IOS 7 does on the 4S. Any tips, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Nancy



Submitted by Victor Tsaran on Monday, October 21, 2013

I think customers are right to complain. After all, they are paying for the products. Keep in mind the huge amount of responsibility and work that Apple's accessibility team has on their shoulders though. You have a totally revamped OS; then there are new features to take care of. For example, would you rather to have had a certain bug fixed as opposed to not having an accessible "spotlight" feature? In the world of software design, yes, there are hard priorities to tackle. To top it all, accessibility bugs and features are not the only things folks are working on at these companies. Then, every company has its own process of releasing the code. Engineers are not allowed to make any changes once the code freeze has been put in place. Every company handles code freezes differently and, when it comes to the operating system code, these code freezes are the harshest of them all. :) O, almost forgot... the engineers also have their families on top of work. :) It's great to see Talkback mature with every Android release. However, the biggest headache for me remains the lack of reliable web browsing experience. Of course, you could install Firefox but even this browser is still in beta. Please keep reporting to Apple. I am sure, the more people write to them, the stronger case they have for fixing the most of painful issues.