should i jailbreak or no?

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hi all. i've bought my iphone only a month ago. but i'm allready hating that apple is not letting me install what i want. i can't understand why they don't let their users to install what apps do they want. why is their problem if i want for example to install an app that they haven't signed? so i really considder jailbreaking. i've read many articles on that and i know that the process is reversible so i am not losing anything. i have some questions though. can apple catch you if you restore? will they know that you've jailbroken your phone before? can i install all apps that i want after jailbreaking? is kydia accessible for blind people? or do i have an accessible way of getting apps? i want to hear a blind's perspective about jailbreaking and if you like your jailbroken phone better than before. thanks for attention. i am eagerly waiting for your answers.



Submitted by Signaltonoise on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jail Breaking is legal for IOS users now. The cydia store is accessible as well. I've jail broken my iphone before but found it got sluggish and I really didn't use what was on the cydia store. I would highly recommend that if you are not happy with an iPhone look at an android device with 4.1 jelly bean installed. Android allows you to customize your device any way you want too. It's different from IOS but it's on par in terms of accessibility.

Submitted by mastodont on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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i think i will wait for the 6.0.1 untethered jail break and i will try it to see how it is. can i back up my contacts and files in case i want to restore and come back to an ios version that's not jailbroken?

Submitted by Esan on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jailbreaking is legal but if you bring a jailbroken phone into Apple, your warranty will automatically be voided. You must factory reset your device before bringing it in to Apple then they can't tell. Once you jailbreak, everything remains the same, like buying apps from the App Store, you just get the ability to tweak the phone to your liking. If you have more questions about jailbreaking, I can answer them on my Zello channel for you. Search for Blind iPhone on Zello and the password is voiceover. I'm usually on from the morning to the early afternoon and my screen name is esan100 and my name is Eric.

Hello Eric, I too, have been interested in jailbreaking my device. I upgraded to IOS 6.0 however and should have waited and then performed my JB while running ios 5.1.1. I have been busy reading over the last 2 months or so on options and possibilities. I cannot find a jailbreaking document for "dummies" so to speak. When the dev team at redsn0w finally releases their JB for ios 6 I would like to JB my I phone 4s for the first time. The couple of questions I have for you are: 1. is Redsn0w what you use to JB? 2. Would you upggrade to ios 6.0.1 or wait?

Submitted by Florian on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I find it hard to believe that no 'jailbreaking document for dummies' as you put it can be found. I believe there's even a very detailed guide on jailbreaking for the blind floating around the web somewhere. Some points: - Redsn0w is often the preferred way of jailbreaking, because it preinstalls Cydia for you without you having to run an inaccessible loader app on your device itself. For the 5.1.1 jailbreak however, the Absynth tool works just as well. - Currently there's only a tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x.. This means that you have to always be near a computer running your redsn0w copy when rebooting your phone. Semi-tethered jailbreaks allow you to boot into a non-jailbreak state without a computer, but I don't know if that is available yet. Fully tethered jailbreaks however always require a pc or mac to boot. If this annoys you, wait for an untethered jailbreak or just don't upgrade to iOS 6 if you haven't already. There's a perfectly working untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 5.1.1. - Cydia is accessible, with a little prompting from me and some others I might add. It used to be completely unusable, but thats a long time ago. Works perfectly now.

Submitted by kieran l on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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I agree with florien. It depends what you want to do with your device, because there are allot of things on the cydia store, but not everything works, either with your iOS virsion, or indeed, with VoiceOver. I jailbreak because I like to play around with things on the cydia store, knowing that my device will never be completely bricked. I'm using the tethered JailBreak on 6.0, I haven't upgraded to 6.0.1 yet, but I'm sure I will when the time is right. This is actually my first tethered JailBreak; I usually wait for the untethered one, but I wanted my jailbreak back. If you restore your phone before you take it in to apple, they can't tell, but if you take it in in a jailbroken state, as said above, your warty will be voided. Hope this helps, Kieran.

Submitted by Esan on Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Actually, I used Absinthe to jailbreak my device but Red Sn0w works fine too. Whenever you're looking to jailbreak, the general rule of thumb is to hold at your existing firmware. As far as a Jailbreaking for Dummies is concerned, there are quite of tutorials on YouTube and online. I'm not sure if you use Zello but if you do, you can talk with me and the guys on my channel. I've helped many people jailbreak their devices. If you missed it before, my channel is Blind iPhone and the password is voiceover. Look me up there for any help.