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Hi everyone. I probably should've asked this before, but read on. I have had a problem accessing some or all of my Mac's security settings. When I click on Security and Privacy in System Preferences, I'm presented with 4 tabs. This is all well and good, but when I input my password the password field keeps popping up. This morning I called AppleCare for help resetting my Apple ID password, but even the new password won't work in these settings. I tried my email password with no success either. I can't even turn on or Off File Vault. The new password I created this morning while on the phone with the support person works just fine in the App Store, or at least it did when I signed in to download Yosemite. I've just downloaded Yosemite but it's stuck on another password field. I might be able to obtain sighted assistance with this later this afternoon or this evening, but has anyone else on here ever experienced this? Thus far I'm still able to do other stuff on here though, as you have no doubt seen by now.



Submitted by splyt on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You should may be use your user passwowrd instead of the Apple ID pass to unblock the security options. Some have joined the two passwords, I haven't so in my case I always use the password of the root or admin user to unlock those options the same I use to login cinse I am admin.