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Hi all,

I have an old iPod Nano that used to belong to my sister. I was able to restore it to factory settings using iTunes on my Mac. I noticed in iTunes that it has an option to turn on Spoken Menus, which I was able to get working. When I was playing in the menus, I saw a menu item called “Extras”, where there is a clock, stopwatch, calendar, contact list, notes etc. Alex reads out each menu item as I move my finger clockwise and counterclockwise around the wheel. But when I press the round button in the middle (Not sure what it’s called so I’ll call it the Select button), Alex won’t read the actual content of the item I’ve selected.

I was reading up on a firmware called RockBox, and from what I’ve read, it comes with a built-in screenreader solution. Also, I noticed from reading the RockBox website that it is available for older iPod Classics, Shuffles and Nanos. Has anyone had any experience with RockBox on an old iPod, and if so, how do you go about installing and using its accessibility features?

I appreciate any and all assistance you can provide, and my sincere apologies if this is off topic or in any way inappropriate for this forum.

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Submitted by techluver on Monday, May 22, 2017

I think your ipod is way too new to support rockbox. When they say older, they mean first and second generation relics.