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Hello all, I downloaded a song from iTunes today to use as a ring tone for someone, but I had to download the entire song, because they didn't have the song as a tone. Someone recommended to me to use iTunes to convert the song, or use IRinger to create it. However, they said it must be in a M4R format. Does it have to be in this format to be converted with iTunes and IRinger, and how do I tell if its in an M4R format? If its not, can I make it so it is? Thanks so much, Shane.



Submitted by Holly on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hi Shane,   I use a free ringtone making app called Ringtone Maker.  This allows you to choose a song from your music app and create your own custom ringtone on your phone.  The only problem with this is that you then have to connect your phone to your computer and move the ringtone you made from your phone to your desktop, then back intoitunes under the ringtones folder.  From the ringtones folder you then drag the ringtone on to your phone.  I have to have a sighted person transfer the ringtone from the desktop to the ringtone folder in itunes and then to my phone for me because I use jaws and for some reason jaws doesn't allow me to do it.  I hope this hels, and that you have better luck with it then I do.  If you have any more questions or if this didn't make a lot of since, just let me know!  I subscribed to all posts for this thread because I too am looking for a better way to create ringtones. 



Hi Holly, Sounds like kind of a hassle to work with, but I may try it. I do thank you though for replying to me. Oh btw, how do you subscribe to this post or others? I thought I subscribed to this post, but I haven't received any emails from Applevis. Only way I knew you posted to my question, was to check the site. Thanks, Shane.

Submitted by Holly on Friday, March 23, 2012

Hi Shane, Yes this process is very much a pain!! We really need an app that allows us to create ring tones directly on the iPhone. If you look below your forum post you should sea a link that says subscribe to this post. Click on your post and from the main page on applevis and I believe the subscribe link is under user options. Click the subscribe to this post and then click the confirm subscription button. Now each time this post recieved a comment, you will get an email from applevis containing the comment. I hope this helps!

Submitted by Holly on Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sorry Shane, I told you wrong. I was describing where the subscribe llink is on posts of apps posted to the IOS app directory. To get to the link your wanting you need to click on your post and the link is right below your post next to the add new comment link. Sorry about that.

Ok Holly, I actually got it working now, as I got this email in my inbox yesterday. Thanks

Hey Shane, all you need to do is convert the file to an M4A file. Then change the file extention to M4R. Move it to your phone under tones then.

Hi Kevan, How do I convert the file to an M4a and then change the extention to M4R? I'm not familiar with what program I would use to do this, or the steps to do it? I will probably be downloading straight from my iPhone 4S from iTunes. Thanks, Shane.