Restoring Cydia sources and all apps / tweeks after update / format

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I've just managed to brick my phone and had to reformat it. I have learnt alot but it has taken me forever to get it up and running again. I had to jailbreak it again. I've managed to loose all my sources and apps from cydia. I don't want to have to keep doing that everytime especially as IOS6 is so near to release. Has anyone found an app that can successfully backup all your cydia sources and also all the tweeks / apps? I am starting to get used to using the file manager app called IFile so if it were possible to copy the apps / tweeks packages and paste them in after the restore then I would like to know how to do this and where the packages are saved on the phone. I thought I had made a backup using a app called Xbackup but when it came to restoring, it couldn't find the files. I am looking to try an alternative program called IBuy which can backup to dropbox though I am a bit uncertain as to what these programs exactly save. Even a text list of all the names of the installed tweeks and apps would be handy to have if there was such an app. Thanks for any help