A reminder of Apple’s US telephone number for accessibility support

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Hello! I'm a noobie to VoiceOver. I'm not sure if anyone of u have ever heard of this before. It's a phone number 2 Apple's Accessibility line which is 4 visually impaired and hearing impaired. I was given this information by someone from an Apple store. This line is open 24/7. The number to call is: 1877 204 3930. I think this is a great resource for noobies & veteran users alike. Thought I'd share it! I hope it offers u some help.



Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hi and welcome to the AppleVis community. I actually phoned this line shortly after acquiring my MacBook, to get assistance with something. The guy who assisted me was very friendly and helpful, and he knew my issue right away. Based on prior experience with AppleCare, it seems that they have also been trained on VoiceOver and Apple's other accessibility solutions.