Recording podcasts with accessible digital audio equipment

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I recently graduated from college and I’m looking to record my own podcast from home. Is there any accessible broadcast equipment and digital recording and editing software that I can use to record my own podcasts?



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

It all depends on what your comfortable with and since this is on an Apple related site I'm going to go with you are using Mac or IOS. The two programs that get thrown around on here are Garage Band and Reaper. Additionally there is GoldWave, Audacity, WavePad. Some of these might be exclusive to windows though. All are audio recording and editing software that can be used to accomplish the same thing. In terms of accessible equipment for a podcast you will need at least one Microphone which you could use a USB one or if your serious about the sound you would need a microphone and a mixing board. Mixers are endless in terms of features and what is offered. I'd stick with something analog to avoid digital mixers with menus that are not accessible. Giving more specifics of your intentions and what you would like to do, how many inputs or people you would like to have on your podcast would better help me point you in the right direction.

I tried downloading audacity on my Mac for one of my classes for my last semester of college and it doesn’t support the latest macOS version that I have. As far as my intentions go I recently found a job ad on zip about remote podcast recording at home. The job ad said I need to have a quality microphone, mixer, Headphones, and so on. The ad said also that I can have up to four people on a podcast remotely. I just want to know what kind of recording software where I can digitally record, edit and mixed down my audio. And about digital mixing boards that are accessible.

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