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Hi Everyone: It is Nancy again; I have a few questions about upgrading to IOS 6 on my IPhone 4S. One, should I upgrade now or wait until some of the bugs are worked out? Two, if or when I upgrade how hard/easy is it to do? Can I do it myself or should I go to the Apple store and have them help me. If I can do the upgrade myself, does anyone have any tips or tricks? Three, when you do upgrade is all of your personal info (email accounts, ITunes log in info, passwords, credit card info, ETC.) updated along with the software or will I have to redo everything? I only ask this last question because I had help setting up my IPhone at the Apple store. The friendly rep did most of the setting up of my email/ITunes accounts and other important info. Thank you for all of your help and advice. I have really found all of the podcasts on IOS6 to be vary helpful and informative. Nancy



Submitted by Chelsea on Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hi Nancy, Upgrading an iOS device is fairly straightforward, and Apple has made it easier with each release. I just updated an iPad today and it went fine. However, if you really feel uncomfortable and an Apple Store is near you, going there may help. But below I will outline steps to upgrade that should go smoothly. I find the easiest way is using the over the air feature, which eliminates the need for iTunes and all its associated syncing problems. Follow these steps to do an over the air upgrade: 1. Plug your iPhone in and ensure it is connected to Wifi. (If you plug into a computer, make sure that computer won't die anytime soon.) Losing power during any software update is not good. 2. Back up. If you use iCloud, go into Settings, iCloud, and see when your phone was last backed up. If the time was within the last few minutes, you should be good to update. Otherwise, choose "back up now" to ensure you have a current record of your phone's settings on file. This will save your apps, settings, app settings, positions, and almost anything else on your device. Note that you can also use iTunes to back up if you do not use iCloud, but I find this to be more complex. I have done it before, though, so don't be afraid to ask! 3. Once you are backed up, you can start the update. Some people recommend you reset all network settings and put your phone into Airplane mode, but I find these actions a bit unnecessary. If you have a limited data plan, the airplane mode might be a good choice, as the update file tops out at 600 mb. For a capped plan, ouch! 4. To get the file, go to settings, general, software update, and double tap on the Download button below the iOS description. The download may take a while, but VO will keep you informed of its progress. 5. Once the file is downloaded, you will get a series of alerts telling you your phone will reboot. The nice thing about this is that VO will say, "IDevice rebooting" this time just before your phone does so. 6. wait a bit. Go get a snack or something that will keep you from playing with your updating phone. (I made this mistake with iTunes and iOS 5, and my content didn't finish syncing.) I wasn't there for the final reboot, but about 30 minutes later, I pressed the iPad's lock button and VO came right back. No tripple click home required! Granted, if you have a lot of content on your phone, your mileage update time will vary. 7. IOS 6 opens with a bug. The "configure" button switches languages every time you switch focus to it. I got tired of looking for English, and since it was the only active element on the screen besides an image, I double tapped it and hoped for the best. In my case, English was already selected and VO started speaking normally. It guides you through the setup assistant quite nicely, and when you are all done entering your Apple ID info so that messages, FaceTime, and the stores are all set up, you return to the iPhone you left--but with a better operating system! That's it for the upgrade. It gets simpler every time, it feels like. If something does go wrong, I also suggest you have your serial number on hand if your phone is unresponsive and requires a call to Apple. If anything is unclear or I haven't addressed a lingering question , just fire away! And enjoy ios 6. I can't wait to get a new phone and finally have Siri. Glad I could help, Chelsea

Hi Chelsea: Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. I will try it sometime this week and then post how it went. Siri is a lot of fun and I look forward to the new features it has. Nancy