question for those who have transit cards in their wallet

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one can double click the side button to get one’s wallet ready, and for phones with home button, one can optionally achieve the same thing by double click the home button. it will show one’s default payment card, and one can pick another card by tapping on it. the beautiful thing about touch id is one doesn’t need any of the fuss. simply put one’s phone near the card reader, put one’s finger on the home button, and it magically goes through, don’t even need to unlock the phone, but i’m not going to harp on it.

what i like to know is for those who have transit cards in your wallet, what happens when you double click your home or side button? does it show your default credit card and transit card and you then have to choose what to do, like pay with your credit or transit card before proceeding the the next step? i don’t use any transit card myself, so i like to know.