Question regarding at iPad?

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Hello to all iPad fans and users. I have a question regarding at the popular iPad. As you know the famous and revolutionary iPad does almost everything, I contacted at apple customer service, because I'm considering purchase one, but I need to know more information and use this device.. When I talked to apple customer service and I knew that their their isn't any way how to transfer files or documents at flash drive not even exist wireless or via bluetooth flash drive devices it made stop the purchase, they explained to me that it is not possible just is possible transfer photos from a external camera using some special core. Because the device by itself doesn't have any USB or card reader port, I'm not Technition but I heard that the iPad doesn't support some drivers. Well after all, the question is the follow: Please posts your comments, I want listen from you iPad users. When you receive some attachment via mail or from some other app, is possible download and safe to camera roll for example? And finally is possible upload large videos or recorders? For example can you upload some recorder to appleVis website? Thanks and I would like to listen all your comments iPad users...