Question about updating VMWare tools

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Hello all. I am running the latest version of VM ware on my mac book air. I am using windows 7 with that. When I upgraded to VM ware 7 i had an issue with the vm ware tools. I finally figured out how to update them. Then a couple weeks ago I lost what seems to be sound. I can not see the screen so am not sure if it had graphics. I looked up something and followed instructions on what to do if VM ware tools would not update. It had me copy windows.iso on to the desktop of the mac and then open that from the VM. I did that an then was able to start the upgrade process for VM ware tools. i got sound back but now it just keeps saying cancel download of the VM ware tools upgrade in the menus of VM ware fusion. Any ideas on how I can get it to finish downloading? I had it going for about a half a day maybe longer.