Question about syncing photos via iTunes

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Good day everyone, I must say that I did ask this question before but I am pretty sure that I did not express myself right so bare with me I will try a last time ok? thanks
The thing that I am trying to do is this, before the days of ipod or apple product with voice over my partners had a regular digital camera right? and I have a couple of hundred of pictures on the pc and each picture got a name you know so that I know what is on the pictures, and what I want to do is to learn how to sink those pictures into my touch or ipad, now you know even the nanno six and seven on the welcome screen where it say music and all the different stuff and one of them is pictures, so I thought that all I had to do is sink the pictures as I do with songs but of course, I am missing something and I am not able to do it. all the pictures are in the regular format jpeg I beleive? and I went on google and ask the question and the result talk to me about when you see you know the ipod buttun to do a space bar on it and some how you are suppose to see a tab for photo but I am sure it is because I don't know how to do it but I don't see any photo tab and I thought I read something about the hard disc checked or not check, can any one help me? I use a pc with window 8 or ten I am not sure and I have the latest of all my apple product. thanks a lot