protect your jailbreak

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Hi. iOS 7.1 is out and patches the iOS 7 jailbreak. Do not update until the jailbreak is updated to support iOS 7.1. Here is what you should do now so that if you get stuck in a bootloop, or get corrupted files or have some other problem, you will have a better chance of being able to fix it without having to restore to stock iOS in iTunes. If you have a problem and are unable to fix it, you will have to restore in iTunes and iTunes will force you to install iOS 7.1. It will not let you install 7.0.6 or any lower iOS version. 7.0.6 is the latest jailbreakable iOS version. If you are forced to update to iOS 7.1, you will lose your jailbreak and it could be months before a jailbreak that supports iOS 7.1 is released. So I suggest you read this and do it now as preventative maintenance if you have not already. In short, it says install open shsh and change your root password. Open shsh lets you access your device from a computer if it is in a state where you can not access it the normal way of just picking it up and using it. Then download the windows version of semi restore to have it on hand incase you ever need it if you have a windows computer and if you have a mac the mac version is coming soon. semi restore lets you unjailbreak your device without updating iOS but it also needs open shsh to be installed on the iOS device to work. Then you can rejailbreak and start fresh. Also, if you accidentally install a tweak that causes problems, you can try rebooting while holding the volume up button to boot into safe mode and then go into Cydia and uninstall the problem tweak.