Is programming with c++ accessible with VoiceOver on the Mac?

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hi. i'm new to this site. i love apple products. and i love the fact that everyone here seems to like apple products too. I am going to be getting a degree in computer science, and the language the teachers will teach us in is c++. does anybody know if c++ is accessible with VoiceOver on the mac or jaws for windows?



Submitted by Survivor Wolf on Thursday, February 4, 2016

C++ will be accessible on mac or windows, because C++ itself, like all computer languages, is just text.
The question you really need the answer to is, are the development environments most often used for C++ accessible. My understanding/experience is the XCode for mac is mostly accessible, but I found to be a rather clunky tool for C++ purposes, at least with voice over. Last I heard, Visual Studio for windows was accessible with Jaws. A lot will depend on what operating system your school works on and if you can make arrangements with professors if necessary regarding using the more accessible and useable OS and tools.

All that said, though you won't get the same helpful little features that exist in tools like Visual studio and XCode, it is always possible to program any language like C++, Java, Python etc in a simple text editor of your choice. You can then run your programs though the command line to see your output, and if necessary pipe your output to text files for easier reading.

Hope this helps some. Feel free to post with other questions, as I just finished a degree in computer science myself.