Product Design Survey - Accessibility Design

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Hello! My name is Caleigh Oxley and I am an undergraduate Industrial Design student at Auburn University. I am focusing on accessibility design for users with any level of visual impairment in a studio with HP. I am developing concepts that are aimed to assist professionals and university students alike with interpreting print documents from assignments to spreadsheets.

The purpose of this survey is get a sense of how the visually impaired population interprets print documents in office or classroom settings. The initial questions generate a baseline, to understand the user's demographics. Then I ask questions relevant to my study of what is out there and how it is being adopted by the visually impaired community.

This survey should not take much of your time, but I am exceptionally grateful for any response or insights you might be able to provide. I have attached the survey link below!

Your responses are completely confidential and I will be the only one to see the results of this survey.