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hi everyone,
I am stuck on the filesharing thingy, witch u can use for setting ringtones. I can go to the file witch i want to copy to my iPhone (on windows).
Then, i am stuck. Can anyone help me out?
kind regards,



Submitted by spiriteye on Sunday, March 13, 2016

Press the button for your IPhone or other IDevice.
Press Tab repeatedly until you hear “tree view.”
Press the down and up arrow keys slowly until you ensure that “Apps” is selected.
Then, tab many times until you hear “File Sharing static box.”
Pressing tab once should speak another static box informing you that the apps listed below can transfer documents between your IDevice and your computer.
Pressing tab once again should allow you to hear “Apps static box.”
Another press of the tab key will speak another static box prefixed by the name of the app which is selected in the control following it, and this control is a list box holding all apps which support file sharing, in alphabetical order.
On my IPhone, for example, I have Adobe Acrobat installed, and so the static box mentioned above reads: “Adobe Acrobat documents,” and the control following this static box is a list box.
Now, whether you use Window-Eyes or NVDA, one you tab to this list box, all you will hear is “Apps list box.”
In this list box, you can press up and down arrow keys, and, although there is no speech feedback, you are, in fact, changing the selected item.
Tabbing forward past this list box will move focus through a number of static boxes corresponding to the apps actually contained in the previous list box.
(Note that if you tab forward repeatedly, and don’t notice any app names, and if you reach the Sync button, try Shift-tabbing back toward the File Sharing static box, and then tab forward again, since this seems to redraw the screen and the app static boxes should appear.)
You know you’ve reach the last app in the list when, tabbing forward, you hear the name of an app, followed by the word “documents,” followed by “list box.”
This second list box holds the list of files on your IDevice associated with the selected app, and, in contrast to the previous list box, it does provide speech feedback.
Selecting the app you wish is accomplished by tabbing through the static boxes, making note of where your chosen app appears in the list of static boxes, and, as we have seen, its name should fall somewhere between the two list box controls.
The trick to selecting the correct app is to keep track of its number, that is, first, second, third, last, second last, third last, etc.
Once you have this number in your mind, then, you don’t have to Shift-Tab all the way back to the first list box, but, as long as your focus is on any static box between the two list boxes, just press the up and down arrow keys to change the selection pointer.
For example, on my IDevice, KNFBReader is the fifth app in my list of static boxes.
Therefore, the way to select it is to press up arrow a bunch of times to ensure that the selection pointer is at the top of the list box, that is, selecting the first item, and then press down arrow four times.
If I then tab forward to the second list box, I will hear “KNFBReader documents list box,” and I can move through the list of files associated with KNFBReader using up and down arrow keys.
Once a file or folder is selected, you can tab repeatedly until you come to the Save To button.
Pressing this button opens a dialog where you can select a folder on your computer in which to save the selected file or folder.
Incidentally, I have noticed that while I can select a contiguous group of files for saving using Shift in conjunction with the up or down arrow keys, I have not, as yet, found a way to select more than one file out of linear sequence.
Further, you can use the Delete key to remove the selected item(s) from your IDevice.
Finally, you can tab to the Add button and activate it in order to open a dialog box where you can browse to the files and folders on your computer which you want to transfer to your IDevice.
One issue I have found is that, sometimes, after a file transfer has taken place, focus in the file list on the IDevice can be lost.
However, this can be remedied by Shift-tabbing out of the file list back to the list of apps, re-selecting the app you’re working with, and then tabbing back into the file list.