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Hi all,

did someone try to purchase apps using Paypal account?
I want to buy Voice dream reader using my Paypal account, but when I chose this payment method in App store, I get the next alert:
"Your request is temporarely unable to be procesed. Please try again later. OK button."
I tried to make it a couple of times, but with same result. After that, I wanted to enter my Paypal credentials in Settings/Apple Id, iCloud, iTunes & App store, but I didn't find option for adding this.
Is this message a result of server problems? When will it be solved?
Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,
Tea Turkovic



Submitted by Tea Turkovic on Thursday, July 20, 2017

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I'm from Croatia, in my country Paypal is available. I used Paypal for donations to NV Access.

Submitted by david s on Thursday, July 20, 2017


Yes, it seems like paypal is available in plenty of countries. Sadly, not plenty of places accepts it. It sounds like Apple is not accepting Paypal as a form of payment at this time. IF and when it becomes available in your country, it will be an option on the website when you log in.

HTH and good luck.