Problem syncing iTunes library to iPhone

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Hi all
I have iTunes Version
I have 2 IPhones, both 5s.
ON both I have I OS9.
My cellular contract expired on my first IPHone so I moved over to another service provider and I was given a new IPhone.
I prefer to have my music on both IPhones.
I put music onto my IPhones via ITunes on my windows7 pc.
The music is mp3 files that I have extracted from audio cds.
The problem that I have is that Itunes only sync music automatically to my old IPHone.
ON the new IPHone I got recently, while synchronising, ITunes does not add music to my Iphone that I have added to my ITunes library.
I often add a few new songs to my library that I want to listen to on both IPhones.
After synchronizing both IPhones, I checked if the music was copied.
I use the search function in the music app.
Only my first Iphone is automatically synchronized.
If I want the new songs in my library onto my second IPhone, I have to add them manually by selecting the desired songs and then choose add to device on the song menu.
Also, when I wish to delete some songs from my IPhones, deleting the songs from my Itunes library they are only deleted from my old IPhone; I have to manually delete

songs from my new IPHone by using the search function in the music app.
Is there perhaps a setting that I need to change somewhere so that ITunes will automatically sync music to the second IPHone as well?
When I connect my second IPHone to my computer, the sound plays letting me know synchronizing is done, but when I check on my phone, the added or deleted songs was

not synchronised.
Many thanks for any help