Pro Tools compatibility with Voiceover

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Hi all. I am wondering if anyone has any experience of using pro tools with voyceover, I know jaws fails miserably with even reading the menus but voyceover reads them fine. Unfortunately that is the sum total of my knowledge. I am doing a sound production college course and would appreciate any information or input! Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Cheers!



Submitted by Walei on Sunday, December 2, 2012

I've been looking into that myself. From what I've read so far, Starting with versions 8.4 Protools is accessible with VO. They are up to version 10 now. I also read that the most accessible setup is to use protools 9 with Mac OS 10.7 Lion. Here are two useful links. One is a protools access google groups and the other is a lengthy but informative podcast on how to use Protools with voiceover. Protools Accessibility Google group:!forum/ptaccess Protools tutorial Part 1: Enjoy

Thanks for the input. I finally got my Macbook mid Dec and have been practicing general vo stuff but am now ready to get Pro Tools. As it's a new Mac,I have Mountain Lion and can only purchase PT10 via the college, both a generation on from what you suggest. I'd like to think they wouldn't go backwards accessibility wise but unfortunately we know all too well this isn't always the case. I will keep you posted with how I get on and vice versa please? I'm going to post a seperate, more general post re recording music. I have to use PT as part of my college course but ultimately will use whatever is the most accessible. I noticed my nearest Apple store offers Logic training for example as part of the one to one scheme. I'd be happy to do that too.

Submitted by Florian on Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do not, under any circumstance, go to Logic for your recording and audio editing needs if you are fully blind. Its a disaster to perform the simplest functions with VO and you can only really get any work done by either using sighted assistance or a control surface, and even then its a joke. ProTools, Amadeus, even GarageBand ...but not Logic