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I did some audio podcasting a while ago and am thinking about getting into it again. I need some information. I am in good shape with audio production. I have all the equipment and software I need and am able to use it well. I think I have produced some pretty good content. My problem and my question concerns posting the content. The way I did it before was to simply upload the MP3 files to my website and post links to the files in the podcast section of the site. I would like to be able to set it up so that someone with a podcast app can subscribe to my podcast and see all available episodes and download the ones they want. I have tried to research this and I find it a bit confusing. Can anyone give me some information on how to set this up or point me to some good resources concerning this? I am completely in the Apple ecosystem, running the latest versions of both IOS and Mac OS, if that makes a difference on recommended apps and such.