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Hail and well met!
I want to start Dming a campaign. I’m looking for possible players and some advice as to which apps (discord, clubhouse, twitch, facetime, etc would be best to use. I have access to D&D Beyond. Is the app/interface any good yet? I’ve played for ever, but not Dm. Does anyone use any of the tabletop apps or websites like roll20?
Let me know your thoughts and experiences.
Dave Matters
PS: If your interested in playing let me know.



Submitted by tyler chambliss on Friday, August 27, 2021

Well the one time I tried it we were on a team talk server. We used a sight called rollz to roll dice. It's really cool because you just type what you want. Examlle, 2d6+2d8 Then press enter. Boom. We managed our own charactor sheets as txt files. Although that was a while ago. Now there's an app for windows that's made for this for the blind so it might be worth a look, and I'd be up for figuring out new ways to play DND. I'd love to get back into it.

Submitted by Adaria on Friday, August 27, 2021

Currently playing in a 5e campaign using D&D beyond and Discord, both work great and creating acharacter online is easy, though the app is a bit more difficult. I have yet to figure out how to level up on the app, but using the browser is easy enough, though I use Windows and Brave or firefox for that. Rolling on the app is super simple and does all the math for you and getting between equipment, actions, spells, etc is easy, three finger swipe left or right to go between the character info. Very intuitive to use so far.

I've used Skype, Teamtalk and Discord for voice and so far I prefer Discord. There are discord bots you can add to your server for rolling. I can't help with that as I've never GMed a game on it and don't run my own server there, but it can be done, it is how we generally roll for non D&D games, but there is a Discord bot that can intergate with D&D beyond and post your rolls from the app to Discord so everyone can see them and vice versa.

Hope this helps.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Saturday, August 28, 2021

I'd say playing is very different to running a game purely because of the amount of stat blocks we, as DMs, need to have quick access to. I actually use my Mac, sketch out a few interesting places, a few characters, a bit of loot and a bunch of monsters. I do this all in byword including the links in markdown and then switch it into a webpage with headings that is easy to jump back and forth through.

I also have a few apple scripts to play music but that doesn't really work unless you're in person. Discord is good as there are a few bots to bring in music which is a nice addition.