Parallels Desktop 10.2.1 (29006) with El Capitan

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Hi everyone,
Has anybody used Parallels Desktop 10.2.1 (29006) to create VMs on the latest El Capitan version of the OS?
First of all, is it doable? any problems?
How was the experience? And anything that's worth keeping in mind when setting up a Windows 10 VM on it? (I don't even know whether a windows 10 tech preview could be set up on a VM in it however).
Even if you have created a Windows 8.1 VM on it please do share any tips and tricks with us!
Thanks in advance!



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Friday, October 30, 2015

The simple answer to your question is that probably no-one on this site has done it. Well, maybe some people with limited vision. Parallels is completely inaccessible with VoiceOver, unless something changed recently so your only good option for VM's on the mac is VMware fusion, which is fully usable. Now to your other question, yes, you can virtualise windows 10 technical previews.

Thank you so much!
Luckily I didn't even attempt to install it. And now hoping to get hold of VMware fusion
Thanks again!