Opening more than one tab in Safari and Google Chrome on iPad?

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How to open more than one tab in Safari? I tried it but it does not seem to work.

Also on Chrome, is it possible to open more than one tab?



Submitted by Brandon X on Thursday, August 29, 2019

1. To open tabs With Safari tap on the new tab button. To see what tap you have open tap on the tab button.
2. Yes, it is possible to open more than one tab with Google Chrome on the iPad. Simply press new tab. The tricky part with this is that there’s two different ways that you can close your tabs.
A. swipe to the tab Switch or button and double tap to activate this button. When that step is complete. swipe to where you can find your open tabs And use the swipe up/down to adjust your value and double tap on clothes.
B. Option two to close your tab is simply: onE Go to the top of the webpage, too I believe from left to right it will read out your open tabs, and Finally to close the tab to the right will be the option to close tab. For your information listen to each tab that is open the tab that is currently open Will say active.

Thanks for this. However what I mean is that I need to open a link in a webpage in a new tap without having to open new tap and enter whatever I want. For example, I need to open AppleVis home page then I want to open Submit Content section without leaving the current home page, when I use rotor to move between actions items there is an option to open in new tab, but it does not seem to work for me, it opens the same webpage I am in.
Hope this is clear now.
Thanks for the help anyway.