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Hey, my wife went legally blind a year ago. We have HTC evo 4gs but she says that the apple iPhone 5 is far superior than any other phone out there. Well it benefit her to have one, I'm up for an update with sprint soon, just wondering if it was worth it since she away has an ipad3.




Hello, The first question I would have for you is, can she use the current phone you state you have without problems? If not, I think that answer goes along way to answering the question you posed in this forum. If she can use that phone to its full capability, then it becomes more of a want then a need, in my opinion. If she is well versed with her I-Pad three and likes the product, the I-Phone has benifits that the I-Pad cannot give her. The I-Phone 5 is the fastest phone, now with 4G, on the market to date and it isn't even close. I hope that I have helped in some way to make your choice a bit more clearer either way. Good Luck. -Andrew-

In my opinion Apple is superior. Apple iPhone will work right out of box. Android usually needs assistance setting up. Android does not work as seamless as iOS. This is mainly due to the fact Apple designs both their hardware and software. Apple is in my opinion at least 2 years ahead with accessibility, withh a cleaner U.I. Your wife will have better tech support with Apple. There are two ways to get accessibility support. First is The second is by phone at1-877-204-3930. I would also like to say since she has an iPad, file sharing between devices will be easier with iCloud.