Need help please. Got myself into a music pickle.

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I have accidentally deleted a music album off my iPhone and now it doesn't show in my purchased music either. I can still find the album when i search for it on iTunes. However, when i tap the album, all i get is a non-working purchased button in the place where the price button should be. Does anyone have an idea on how i could get the album to redownload again? I only use my iPhone 6 plus and have no pc, so ideas will have to be non-pc related please. Thanks in advance.



Submitted by Sasha Stride on Monday, October 8, 2018

I have been there. Just go to for example the music tab. Flick left from the tabs until you hear your apple id. Double tap on that and then flick right until it says show apple id. Double tap that and browse until you hear hidden purchases. Sometimes when deleting an album you will get it hidden. I just go to all songs category and double tap where it says something like stop hiding all.