Need help for creating new Apple ID

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Hi all, hope all are doing fine a friend of mine has created an AppleID now, when ever he is try to log in via iPhone or ITunes, it get a message, that this id has not review, now, im try to fix this problem, when I login, it ask me enter credit card or visa card details and Itunes gift card code now he is not able to download any apps from appstore please friends suggest any tips or tricks creat AppleID giving without payment details or any ITunes gift card details because in India, their is not available gift cards, or such things, and my friend dint have any visa or master card. Thanks



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Thursday, March 6, 2014

When creating the apple ID if it asks you for a payment I think you are supposed to select none.

Submitted by Wahid Raza on Thursday, March 6, 2014

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well I have try to findout the option nun on iPhone and pc also but I dint get it thanks

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello. There's a little trick with that. 1. Open appstore and browse to random free app. 2. Click on free. 3. Choose register a new Apple ID when asked 4. Now it is possible to choose none as a payment option at the credit card selection. I don't know why this is done so stupid way but it has worked for me those times I have needed a free account.