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Hello, I just recently installed a jailbreak Tweak on my phone calledMy3G Which tricks apps into thinking that they are on Wi-Fi if you don't have Wi-Fi around. My question is, how do you know if the app is working correctly or not? When I launch it, the screen with all of my apps on my phone appears, then a button that will say either check mark, or justice button beside it. When you clic On these buttons, then it gives you an option to turn on something called flag, I can't remember the exact term. I have read in a few different places, where you have to purchase a license for the 3G app, I've purchased it and it seems as though it's installed correct, but I'm not sure When it's working or when it's not. If anyone has any experience with this app could you please email me and let me know if everything is okay, or if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks to all, Shane. Sent from my iPhone