My gf's iPod touch won't connect to the iTunes store

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Hi guys I was somehow able to fix my last issue by changing my password,but I don't think it'll do it for this one. My gf has an iPod touch 4th generation just like mine, and all of a sudden seemingly for no reason whatsoever, it won't connect to the iTunes store. She was going to do some app updates this afternoon and the app store opens just fine on mine and on my room mates but not hers. It tries for a minute or 2, and then displays a popup message that says, alert, can't connect to the iTunes store. Ok button. Not helpful at all! We've tried turning the iPod off and back on, we even tried a warm reset by holding down the home and lock buttons, but nothing seems to help. She has 6 app updates and can't connect to the store to update anything. So any help would quite definitely be appreciated. Thanks much!



Submitted by Shersey on Sunday, September 2, 2012

The issue usually resolved itself fairly quickly, though. I know that doesn't help you much, but I thought I'd just chime in with my findings. I know you've probably checked all these things: 1. That your wifi is turned on and connected. 2. That you're not in airplane mode. Airplane mode disables wifi, so it's a good thing to check one or the other. On a sort of unrelated note, I just got the message that the app I just tried to get, Happy Hours, "could not be downloaded at this time." Then I am presented with two buttons, "Done" and "Retry." Strange. Maybe my wifi crapped out on me. Wishing you luck, Shersey

Submitted by Cory K on Sunday, September 2, 2012

according to CNET, the apple store is down for updates. Chris, I saw your post on twitter but it was before I saw CNET's. Give it some time!

Hey, only reason it really stumped me was because I could still get onto the app store and see the different apps and, presumbably, donload them just fine, in fact my room mate downloaded godville successfully. but my gf's won't connect and that's the thing. None of us can figure out why. When something works on 2 iPods and doesn't work on a third, it makes ya wonder. To answer a few earlier questions, Wifi is quite definitely turned on cause Pandora radio works exactly as it should, and airplane mode isn't turned on. Another friend of mine suggested that we temporarily turn wifi off on my gf's iPod, , and then back on again. Maybe it'll straighten things out. Will definitely let you guys know, thanks for the suggestions!

Submitted by Ernie Segura on Monday, September 3, 2012

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Hello Toonhead,, You might want to try resetting your ggirlfriends iPod touch in the following ways: First method: resetting all settings. This resets the iPod to factory default settings, but does not delete any content on the iPod. To do this, go to settings>general>reset>reset all settings. Second method: reset all content and settings. This will reset the iPod to factory defaults. To do this, go to settings>general>reset>reset all content and settings. It will ask if you really want to delete everything. Tap on the yess button and everything will be gone. When doing each method, the iPod will shut down and reboot. This will take about a minute Once the iPod reboots, tripple tap the home button to turn on VoiceOver, if you need it. Hope this helps!

Submitted by Toonhead on Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that everything works again. Just on a whim, we tried accessing the app store on her iPod and it works again. We had to re-enter her password before we could do it, but it works again. I'm still farely new to this iOS thing, only having the iPod since March but i've learned a hell of a lot. Thanks!

Submitted by Gizzyboo on Friday, September 19, 2014

Okay so i just had the exact same problem, and fixed it (for me). This may or may not work for you.
1. I plugged my iPod into my PC and updated iTunes.
2. I went to Settings> General> Date and Time> Set Automatically.
3. As that was loading, i went to my home screen. Called up the multitasking, then closed everything.
4.Then i turned my iPod off, then back on.
5. Then i entered my password, which brought me to the home screen.
6. I opened up the App store, it told me that iTunes has done some new updates on the Terms and Agreements and that i had to look over them.
7. I scrolled a few pages, then hit "agree"
8. I went to the home screen, opened up multitasking then closed the App store
9. I reopened the App store, and it told me to relog in.
10. I relogged in, then i got to download what i wanted, as well as updating what i wanted.