To my fellow DirecTV subscribers. Just learned something that might make your app experience just a little more fun.

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Good evening all, I just found out some information that just made my DirecTV app usable again. There are some new ways of getting your content on your DVR playlist. Yes there are extra steps, however you can watch your DVR content on your TV again.
I had an appointment to get some problems fixed with my DirecTV boxes at my house today, the Direct tV service person was able to show me how to activate my remote, and get to my playlist. Before today, when I double tap on playlist from the main menu, nothing was showing even though I had shows recorded. Now, everything is there. And I am currently watching one of the shows that are recorded on my DVR. Here's what you have to do.
Open the DirecTV app, double tap on browse TV, double tap on the remote, select your receiver, and then proceed to your playlist. From there you can operate the app normally. Yes it is kind of annoying, but until they fix whatever's wrong this is how you do it.