Music on my iPhone 5

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Hi I've recently got my iPhone 5 (my first Apple product). I've downloaded iTunes to my desktop and have managed to put CDs in to a playlist. However, I'm really not very technological and (probably quite foolishly) can't figure out how to get the playlist to my phone. I've plugged the phone in and everything, I just don't know how to get the music from one place to the other! Should I just copy and paste? Please help! :-)



Submitted by Dave Nason on Sunday, December 9, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Hi, welcome to the world of Apple! It's actually not too complicated so you'll get the hang of it. Once you've plugged the iPhone into your computer, you need to select the device in iTunes and press the Sync button. You actually have a lot of options, if you want them, for what content you want to sync. It's a bit difficult to talk you through it all here but I'd recommend you search for iTunes in the Podcasts section of this website. There are a series of tutorials which you might find useful. If not, feel free to drop me a message and I'll try to help you.