Monitoring contact with app developers

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Hi all,

I've just added a means by which people can use the AppleVis site to report that they have contacted an app developer about accessibility issues.

When viewing any app in the App Directory, you will now see how many people have reported that they have contacted the developer about accessibility problems with the app.

If you are registered and logged-in to the site, further down the page you will see a link titled "I have reported problems to developer". Click on this link (and confirm on the next page) to indicate that you have contacted the developer.

When submitting new entries to the App Directory, you will now find an additional field that you can use to indicate that you have contacted the developer.

Hopefully this will give us a mechanism for monitoring which developers have been contacted, and by how many people.

I would encourage people to still contact a developer about problems, even if others have already done so. The more people that contact a developer, the more likely they are to address any accessibility issues.

You can view a list of the apps which have recently been flagged as reported on the following page. This page also shows the apps which have the most reports: Reporting Accessibility Issues To App Developers