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Hope this is an ok forum topic. I'm interested in mixers, speciffically something simple, and I was wondering if anyone can either do a podcast on setting one up initially, or point me to one? I don't need the icecast stuff, I will work that out later. Thanks for any help. Siobhan



Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'd suggest this would be moved to General discussion forum as mixers and macs are not related at all. Basically every mixer is set up differently, wich means there is very hard to do Good for all type podcast wich would cover everything. I suggest to read some mixer manuals, The jacks and their purpose is discribed there.

I don't even use a mixer when I do my podcast. I have a patch cord. I plug it into an adapter that has two inputs and one output, plug that into the Line in on the phone and plug the other end into my PC. Then, I use an app like ThumbJam That allows me to monitor input, effectively turning My iPhone into a microphone. That's it… Simple and cheap!t