Map confusion

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One of the features I so looked forward to with the iOs system, more specifically with my iPad Mini, was the possibility to use GPS, map services, siri, etc., and set my home location. I have turned my location services on. One possible problem is that our street address was changed by the Okanogan County from 71 Airport Road to 28 B & B Road. That name was inspired by the previous owners of our house, named Bob and Belva. The problem with an address like that is that there might be at least four ways of spelling it: in addition to 28 B & B road, there might be 28 B and B Road, 28 B&B Road, and, as in the case of MapQuest from Sendero GPS, 28 BnB Rd. How can I get my unit to know what its home is? The Google maps think I live at 28 B and B Road, precisely in accordance with the county records. Any help welcome.


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