looking for a navigation app as i'm travelling alone to new york

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hi all,
next week i'm travelling alone to New York. I would appreciate suggestions as to what navigation apps I could use on my iPhone 4S so as to move around independently and explore the city.
note: not very use to moving on my own in India.



Submitted by splyt on Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Ariadne GPS will work. I have used it in NY and it does a help. However there are, as far as I can remember and at least in 2013 no data celular available in the subway system so one will not be able to use navigation software inside the subways ... and this is frustrating because the subway is so huge and there are so many trains sharing platforms and tracks and it goes like this .. soo be prepared to ask for sighted help.
I have found that google maps will also work. You will have to buy a local ┬┤phone line to access the internet. They have said that one can already cache maps in google maps but I haven't been able to acomplish this kind of thing. Also google maps wont, as far as I know, say where you are like Ariadne says and Ariadne definitly can not cache maps so ...


Submitted by Rajesh Malik on Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hello, Kunal,

I rely on BlindSquare for determining my current location and for exploring an unknown area in its Simulation mode. This app will definitely help you enormously. In addition, Apple's Maps app that comes installed as part of iOS 7 on your iPhone provides good turn-by-turn directions while traveling. All this assumes you have access to cellular data when on the move.

I don't know how much orientation and mobility training you have had in India, but these skills are really crucial to navigating a major city like New York. Good luck in your travels and let us know how you fare.