Looking for apps to help navigate within a campground

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Hi all, I am looking for apps that could help me find my way around a very large camp site, find my tent,, the latrine and so on. It will be just me my cane, my son and a lot of 'strangers. I don't know if there is any cell phone coverage in the area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Tree on Sunday, January 12, 2014

There is an app called My way that I think might be the best option for you. Below is a link to the entry about it. http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/navigation/myway-lite It is a pretty simple app. Basically you can set up points and it will tell you how far away they are, which direction they are in. and vibrate your phone when you point it in the right direction. As you walk it continuously refreshes the information. You just have to find the things you need once, your tent for example, and after you set up that point your phone should be able to point you there. also you can set up roots, which consist of multiple points. Think of them kind of like bread crumbs. When you get to one point the app will change to the next one for the root you are doing. There is a free version of this app and from what I know it does everything the full version does you just get a pop up like every thirty minutes the app is open remi reminding you of the paid version. Its This is not as annoying as it sounds. Normally under many circumstances I would not recommend this app because I feel like people could become dependent on it and its not necessary for most situations. however I think your camping trip is a perfect time to use it and such a situation really presents some difficulties. Another app that might come in handy is called blind square. Its an app I use on a regular basis to find places I have never been to before. And this is one of the main things that makes blind square better, It can take you to businesses and places you have never been to before. My way can't do this very well. However blind square is more for places that have already been set up through four square. It could come in handy if for example the latrine shows up on blind square it could come in handy, but I don't think that is very likely. Sorry this is so long so my way is what I recommend for your camping trip and blind square for most other situations. of course I don't guess either of these will work if your phone does not have any coverage at the camp. I really don't know what to tell you in that case, one day something called ibeacons could come in handy some day, but that is in the future.I hope you and your son have a good time.

Thanks for the suggestion.My personal views on mobility are to use every clue you can find, every tool at your disposal and be ready to ask for help. Because life is too short to sit at home and not get out because you're afraid of getting lost. I've learned to feel the terrain through my shoes, listen for pedestrian, vehicular traffic and any other sounds that might serve as land marks. I use the fragmented vision I have left and I still pull out my gps apps to help confirm I am where I hope to be. I tried this app at work where there was only cellular access. It was able to find the street address. It would not allow me to set any coordinates. I also found some comments online about this camping area and they mentioned their gps units had difficulty in the hills. So looks like I am going to be relying on every mobility clue I can find once I get there. The event is not until the beginning of May. I'm pretty nervous about this trip because It is going to be huge, last for just one day and there will be thousands of strangers onhand to watch me frantically trying to manage it all. And I'll be between guide dogs. I'm torn between not going at all or just winging it and seeing what happens.