Look what I've done now (problems with Apple 2 step verification)

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Hello all. So this is the pickle I've gotten into. I tried to provide the rescue email address that Apple has begun to roll out to enhance security. Well i couldn't create the email, without first going into my account on the apple site itself. After that, I found out that I needed to answer security questions. After quite a few atempts, I'm now locked out of my account for thenext eight hours. That's fine, since I don't want to change the password anyway. i guess now all i'm asking is, is there a way from itunes itself to create this rescue email address? or Do I need to wait and pray to God I remember answers I created so long ao, ugh I hate security questions lol. Thanks for reading and any helpful advice would be, helpful. Siobhan



Submitted by Jayson Smith on Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hi, This is the main problem I see with security questions. I'm assuming your problem is that you chose questions and supplied answers that are subject to change, and now you can't remember when you established the security questions, and thus, what the correct answers would have been. This has always been my hangup with questions like "What's the name of your favorite pet?" What if you get a new pet after answering that question, and this pet becomes your favorite. Then, when you have to answer the question to get back in, you have to think, "Okay, so did I say the pet I have now or the pet who was my favorite pet before I got this one?" I always like questions that are absolute and unchanging, dealing with an event or a time in the past. Examples are things like, "What street did you grow up on?" "What was the name of your high school?" "In what city were you born?" "What was the model of your first car?" "What was the best summer camp you attended as a child?" Yes, some of these questions may not apply to you, but they are all absolute and unchangeable. No matter what happens in the future, those answers will *never* change.

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hi. It's too late now, but for next time and for anyone else with the same problem I have 1 file that I keep in a safe place that has all my passwords and usernames and questions and answers and any other account info like that. When ever I make a new account, I put the info for it in that file so I can not forget it.