library sync problem with Apple Music skill for Amazon echo please help.

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I have six sound files that are my own original content. I imported them from iTunes on the Mac to my phone and they are in my music library. I have my Amazon echoes set up with Apple Music as my default player. my playlists from the content that I stream on Apple Music on my phone sync fine, But my original content will not sync. The playlist with my original content plays fine on my phone, but every time I try to play it on any of my echoes, Alexa acts like she's going to play it, but then she gives me an error message saying sorry, something went wrong. I tried contacting Apple support about this issue, but they gave me the runaround telling me that I need to call Amazon, so customer support for the Apple music skill on the echo is apparently nonexistent. how on earth do I get my original content to play on Apple Music on my echoes? Sync Library is turned on on the music settings on my iPhone, so why can't these files sync?


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