Keyboard Shortcuts for iTunes 12.0.1

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Hi, everyone.
I just found nine keyboard shortcuts for iTunes 12.0.1. I'm using Windows, but they should still work on the Mac. They're in the view menu, but they seem to work anywhere in the main iTunes window.
The keyboard shortcuts are:
Ctrl+1 - Music
Ctrl+2 - Movies
Ctrl+3 - TV Shows
Ctrl+4 - Podcasts
Ctrl+5 - iTunes U
Ctrl+6 - Audiobooks
Ctrl+7 - Apps
Ctrl+8 - Tones
Ctrl+9 - Internet Radio
Once you get used to them, they're really useful.
I hope this helps.



Submitted by mehgcap on Monday, October 20, 2014

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On the Mac, replace the control key with the command key, and these should work the same. Also have a look at the keyboard shortcut reference, which is an item in the Help menu, at least on the Mac.

Submitted by yorkshire-drew on Monday, October 20, 2014

I can't seem to find a keyboard shortcut that'll let me access the contents of my iPhone when said phone is connected via USB to my PC. Any help would be appreciated. I wish I'd stuck to iTunes 11 now.

Submitted by Anna Beige on Monday, October 20, 2014

The only way I know to get to the iPhone is to find the iPhone button in iTunes. It involves some tabbing, at least with Windows. I'm not really impressed with 12.0.1 that much.

Submitted by dvdmth on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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As far as I know, there is no keyboard shortcut for going straight to an attached device within iTunes. However, I can get to the device button quickly on the Mac by pressing VO-Home, VO-Down Arrow, then VO-Right Arrow. You may have to press VO-Right Arrow more than once depending on how many media buttons you have enabled (music, audiobooks, and so forth).

The reason this works is because the buttons for each media category, along with the device buttons, are physically located near the upper-left corner of the window, directly below the playback control buttons. Pressing VO-Home puts focus on the first item in the window, which is the previous button in the set of controls. Pressing VO-Down moves the cursor directly downward on the screen, which lands you within the buttons for the various media types. The button for the iPhone, or iPad, or whatever device is attached is at the right side of this set of buttons, right after the more button.