Just received my new iPhone 6+

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Hello everyone,
Yesterday I received my new 64gig iPhone 6+ from AT&T. So far I am loving it. It was nice to be able to set up the device with absolutely no sighted help at all. I do have some questions. First I do not have my device on my home network because it is slow and I have an unlimited data plan thru AT&T that I have had since the 3gs back in 2009. Instead I have it connected thru LTE. I am noticing that it seems to run quite a bit slower on the iPhone than it did on my Android device. I am noticing the slow down especially when I am installing new apps. Could this be because of the way IOS seems to install the app as it is downloaded rather than downloading the app then installing it? Another quick question. I installed Downcast and I cannot figure out how to download a podcast after I select it. How do I download an episode?

Thank you,
Greg Wocher



Submitted by Toonhead on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey, as far as downcast goes, if you've subscribed to a podcast and no episodes have downloaded, double-tapping on an episode in the podcast should present you with a dialogue with 2 buttons. One says download and the other says stream. So give that a try. As for your network question, the only way I can think of to know the answer is to try connecting to your home network and see how it goes. I know LTE is pretty fast but if you have cable internet, that's even faster than LTE. So give it a try and see I f you notice any improovements in speed with downloading apps.

Submitted by peter on Friday, April 17, 2015

Once you subscribe to a podcast, open the dialog for that podcast and go to the Settings tab. Here you can choose how to treat newly released podcast. You can automatically have them downloaded, manually download them, keep the most recent, keep all unplayed, etc.

There is also a button within the dialog for a particular podcast to "View More podcasts". if you click on that, you'll see a list of all podcast that are available. You can manually download one or more by clicking on the individual episode and double tapping the ""download" button that appears in the next dialog.

Alternately, in the main dialog of the app you'll see a "More..." button. clicking this brings up a menu with a Settings button. Inside this Settings dialog you can make global choices for how all podcasts are treated (as opposed to selecting settings for individual podcasts).

Many options. This is a great app and very VoiceOver friendly.