Just a few questions.

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Hi to all. I have a few questions for you to ask. 1. At first I would like to know if a person can have more apple ID's. I am asking for simple reason - there are many apps available on the US or UK app stores which are not in my local one. If mentioned above is possible, could you please tell me how to switch between app stores if I want to browse US or UK app store for example. 2. Another thing is I have been trying to sign up for apple ID but not success still. The problem is when I have to fill out the fields about payment method. What if one does not have a credit card? I have read that it is possible to choose "no credit card" option or something like that. I really haven't found this option. I have tried signing a few times either through Itunes on computer or Iphone. All the options I can see there are differend types of credit cards, but no "no credit card" option or something like that. So my question is can a blind person sign up without a sighted help? If so, could you please give me very-detailed instructions how to do that? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. Maya