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Hello Everybody.I'm just curious about something. Is there a way to make your call ringtone come through your headphones and not from your headphones and device's speaker? For example, if I am talking to my mom about something and I get a FaceTime call, I don't want my ringtone blaring through my iPads speaker as well as through my earphones. Is there a way to turn off the speaker part at least while using your headphones? I can see having the alarm clock do that in case you forgot to unplug your earphones before you went to bed, but not every time you get a FaceTime call. I actually have a Fitbit that I got for Christmas that I have actually set to vibrate when I get a FaceTime call so even if I do have my earphones plugged in and I'm away from the device, I will know that I'm getting called by the way my Fitbit continuously vibrates. I know I'm kind of rambling on here, but I am curious if there is a way to stop that but yet still get the notifications from my watch or at least turn off the speaker part when it goes off. My iPad is an iPad Pro and my Fitbit is a charge three.



Submitted by X2 on Saturday, February 15, 2020

Hey exodia,
I don’t think you can turn off the ringing of the iPad when headphones are connected. However, AirPods are the only earphones that I can think of they have the feature that you’re looking for. Whenever I use my AirPods and I get a call, my phone and my apple watch just vibrate and the sound only comes through my AirPods. And if I have regular earphones using the dongle, then it comes through both the phone and earphones. Actually, now that I think about it, my Bluetooth headphones Also do the same thing that my AirPods do. I think all Bluetooth earphones/headphones Have what you’re looking for. I could be wrong though. I use my AirPods more than my headphones so it’s been a while LOL. It’s the same with Bluetooth speakers, the sound comes through the speaker and not the phone. Well, at least the ones I have do that. So you may consider trying a pair of Bluetooth headphones/earphones and see if that works. hope this helps

Submitted by Exodia on Saturday, February 15, 2020

I have a Bluetooth speaker that is an IHV310. I haven't ever got a call when using the speaker so I wouldn't know. However, I don't have any AirPods but I would love to get some at some point. I have a set of wireless headphones but they're not bluetooth, They're rf. They pair with the little base but I don't think I can get them to pair with my Ipad directly. The base acts like a transmitter. It's also a charger for the earpiece. You plug in an aux cable into it and plug the other end of the cable into your device. then pair the earphones with the base.

Submitted by X2 on Saturday, February 15, 2020

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yeah, what you described doesn’t sound like Bluetooth since you still need an ox cord to connect to the iPad. You can test it with your speaker, to sort of get an idea. I have a Sony speaker along with several others. I also have HomePods so I hardly use my Bluetooth speakers since I have Apple Music synced With the HomePod’s. But as far as what you’re looking for, I’m not aware of any feature like that. You can also call Apple yourself and ask if there is a feature that can do that. It might be hidden since Apple likes to hide things LOL.